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Bereavement counselling and help

Face to face, phone, email, instant messaging or webcam counselling

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I offer face to face, phone and online bereavement counselling and help for the death, or expected death, of a person.  I also offer pet bereavement support. 

Death, bereavement and loss

Sometimes, things happen in our lives which we can find difficult to deal with, and the support we have during those times can have a big effect on how we get through it. 

Having someone die who we were close to, or perhaps not so close to  can have a huge impact on our lives.  This might be a friend, relative, work colleague, or pet or other animal.  Death is a loss, and a loss can leave a big hole in our lives.

Bereavement counselling and help

You may find that you are able to get through a death on your own, or you may have good support from family and friends around you.  Alternatively, you may want some support from someone who is not part of your family or friends. 

There are lots of organisations offering bereavement support.  In addition, there are also lots of counsellors offering bereavement counselling as part of what they offer.

I am a bereavement counsellor in that I specialise in offering bereavement counselling and help. 

Please do have a look around my website.  Besides this one, I also have a pet bereavement website.  Please do contact me if you have any questions about what I offer.

I am member of the leading counselling counselling organisations – the BACP, and the NCS.  In addition, I am trained and qualfied to offer face to face, telephone, and online sessions – email, instant messaging or webcam counselling.

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Bereavement counselling and support