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Agreement terms

Agreement terms

As with all counsellors, I am obliged to work to a strict code of ethics, as detailed on my About me page.  In relation to that, I operate under specific terms to try to keep us both safe, and to maintain the confidentiality and security of our sessions together.  I therefore require all clients to read and sign my confidentiality agreement.

I also ask all clients to agree to my terms below, and I will send you a short client agreement which contains a summary of my terms.

Lastly, in order to help me determine if I feel that counsellilng/support would be a useful means of support for you, I ask all clients to complete and sign a short questionnaire about how they are feeling.

In summary, as with most counsellors, and before we hold any sessions together, I will require you to read, agree to, and sign the following please:

  • a confidentiality agreement
  • my agreement terms
  • a short questionnaire about how you are feeling

Finally, I also ask you to review how I work, on my Session Arrangements page, which sets out how I run the various sessions, eg  email, phone etc …  Many thanks

Please note

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP):

I have had two cats who died from FIP, and my remaining two cats could be carriers for, or develop the disease themselves.  For face to face sessions therefore please seek advice from your vet, if you have a cat and wish to come and see me for face to face sessions – to ensure that you are happy to meet with me.

How I work

I work in private practice, and offer counselling/support on a ‘one to one’ basis, that is, one client, one counsellor.  I do not offer group or couples sessions.  I offer face to face sessions to young people and adults over the age of 11, but only offer online counselling/support to people over 18 years of age.

I offer sessions:

  • weekly
  • more frequently than one week
  • one-off sessions
  • ad-hoc sessions

Grief has no set time or pattern, and may vary in intensity due to many factors, so I try to be as flexible as I can be in terms of clients being able to book a session.  Please see my Session arrangements page for details of how I run the various session types eg. phone, email etc …

Prices and times

Please see my Prices and times page for my fees, times when I am available, and locations where I practice.

Appointments and late arrival

Both myself and clients are responsible for keeping the appointed time.  Sessions are to end at the appointed time whether the client is on time or not. If however, in the unusual event that it is myself who is late for an appointment, I will offer to either 1) extend the session, 2) arrange to reschedule at a date and time mutually agreeable to both of us, or 3) offer a discount, to be proportionate to the time missed – as agreed between both of us. 

If you are going to be late for a session, please can you also contact me to let me know.  If you have not joined the session 10 minutes after its agreed start time, I will try to contact you by another means, such as text.  If I am unable to contact you I will cancel the session, and try to contact you over the following day or so to see if you would like to re-book. 

Please contact me ASAP to let me know if you cannot attend an appointment – I will not ask you why, I would just like to know so that I don’t wait for you for 10 minutes.

Cancellation policy

Please try to give me as much notice as possible if you wish to cancel an appointment.  I appreciate that there may be many reasons why you may wish to cancel, including that you have purely changed your mind, and do not want to come to a session. 

I will not ask you the reason for cancelling.  I do not specify a cancellation charge for missed sessions, but would just ask that you let me know ASAP – otherwise, I will end up  waiting for you for 10 minutes.

Ad-hoc sessions

Grieving is not an exact thing.  One minute we might feel fine, the next we might see, hear, smell or touch something that reminds us of the person or animal that we have lost, and it sets us off grieving again.  I therefore offer ad-hoc appointments, and will endeavour to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.  

The best thing is to contact me to see what we can both sort out.

Breaks and holidays

From time to time I may not be available for counselling/support.  I appreciate that if we are engaged in a series of sessions, that you may also not be available – I do not require clients to have sessions each week.

Technical problems during a session

If we experience technical problems during a session, for example, we get disconnected, I will try to re-connect with you.  If this is not possible, I will try to connect with you using an agreed alternative method, which we will need to agree on beforehand.  In the event of such issues, I agree to re-arrange the session at a mutually agreed time.

Smoking, alcohol or other substances

Please can I ask that you do not smoke during counselling sessions, whether they be face to face, telephone or online, or engage in the use of alcohol, drugs or other substances during that time.


Counselling/support does not suit everyone, and indeed each of the methods that I offer – face to face, telephone, or online, do not suit everyone. 

When you approach me for counselling/support, I will make an assessment as to whether I feel that the counselling/support that I offer would be suitable for you.  This will be based on

  • your acceptance of the terms of my agreement and confidentiality policy which I will send to you
  • your responses to the assessment questions on the Client Questionnaire form which I will also send to you
  • my considered opinion as an experienced counsellor
  • your belief that counselling/support is a suitable option for you
  • that we have agreed on the method of contact eg face to face, email etc …

It may be therefore, that either myself, you, or both of us, suggest that an alternative means of support may be more suitable for you.

Ongoing assessment and the possibility of referral

Once we started counselling/support, I will try to be continuously mindful of whether I think that the counselling/support that I offer is appropriate for you. 

This will be based on a variety of factors, including:

  • your ability to use computing technology (if being used for our sessions)
  • your ability to interact with the method chosen – eg. face to face, telephone, use of a keyboard, video
  • whether I feel that you are getting sufficient support from the sessions with me, or whether I feel that there is another organisation which might better support you, such as a specialist support agency, or your GP

In any of the above cases, I will discuss with you, the possibility of my referring you to alternative means of support.  I will have this in mind throughout our sessions, and also hope that you will also feel able to mention this to me if you do not feel that your sessions with me are meeting your needs, or that you feel that we need to change the method of communication that we are using.

Furthermore, where the issues that are raised in our sessions relate to life issues for which I feel you might be better supported by other means of support, I will discuss this with you so that we can determine a suitable way forward, that is acceptable to both of us, for example other agencies offering support for other specific life issues, such as addiction, abuse, couples, or relationship counselling.

Emergency support

I do not offer or provide emergency support.  If you feel that you are are at risk of causing harm to yourself or others, please try to get immediate help, such as:


If at any point during counselling with me, you feel that I am in breach of the BACP Ethical Framework,  I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to discuss this with me, with a view to resolving the situation.

If we are then unable find a resolution, I will provide you with contact details for the BACP, to whom you can express your concerns directly.  You can also contact the BACP directly:

Territory and jurisdiction limits to counselling with me

With online counselling, clients can be living anywhere in the world.  In some locations, for example, some states in America, counsellors need to have a specific license to practice, which is accepted by that state.  I am therefore unable to offer counselling to people located there.  Please therefore check the requirements for your location, to see if you are legally able to have me as your counsellor, with me being based in England.

This agreement shall be construed and governed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.  Any dispute or differences in relation to this agreement, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Privacy policy

Please see my for Privacy Policy for details about how, and why, I collect your information about you, as my client.

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