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I offer bereavement counselling to help people work through their grief after, or before, the death of a human being, and I offer bereavement support (more like a chat), for the death, of expected death of an animal.  Please see my pet bereavement page for further details.

The death of someone can tap into thoughts and feelings about other deaths that we may have experienced, as well as other life events, such as separation, and other losses, so it would be quite usual if our sessions started to cover other aspects of your life in addition.

What is a counsellor

A counsellor is someone who has been trained in specific skills, such as ‘active listening’ – carefully listening to what someone is saying and focusing on that person.  Counselling is not chatting – chatting tends to involve people exchanging their own stories about their own experiences, giving their opinions about the other person and what they are doing, butting in on eachother, and sometimes not listening carefully to what the other person is saying, but being more concerned about what they are going to say next about their own story.  ‘Active listening is the opposite of that ! 

Counsellors are also trained in various theoretical  models about ways of helping people, and have had training in how our mind think, and how we interact together as human beings.

What is a counselling session

A counselling session consists of you and a counsellor working through an issue(s) that is bothering you, and would you would like some help in dealing with.

Most of us might think of a counselling session as being ‘just talking’. However, sometimes this might not be that easy – after all, the reason people need support is because something is upsetting them.  There can also be many silences –  just sitting there with your thoughts, and it can feel a bit odd if you are not used to that. 

The point of counselling is to try to help you to find a way to deal with the issues that you are struggling with.  Another aim is to get you to think about how you might best look after yourself, and how you might deal with, any future issues that arise.  So in counselling, we might talk about, for example:

  • what is bothering you
  • why it is bothering you
  • what you feel you can do it about it
  • different ways you could deal with it
  • what you feel you can do, should you be be faced with it or something else that you find hard to deal with, in future

A counselling session is about the counsellor trying to help you find your own ways forward, and solutions that will work best for you (and not for the counsellor to tell you what you should do).

What is bereavement counselling

Bereavement counselling provides an opportunity to explore thoughts, feelings and emotions related to the death, or anticipated death (pre-bereavement) of a human being, or a pet/companion animal.  This may sometimes be painful and very upsetting. 

With the death of a person or animal that was very dear to us, it can be difficult to cope with daily life. Counselling tries to offer support with the immediate situation of the death, or anticipated death, and with moving forward.

How we grieve, and the thoughts, feelings and emotions that we experience, may be affected by other factors in our lives, past, present and future, such as other deaths we have lived through, or other life situations, such as divorce, caring for dependants, or problems with our job.  I therefore anticipate that our counselling sessions may also make reference to other aspects of your life.

I try to provide non-judgmental support, and time and space to help you explore the bereavement or anticipated bereavement that has brought you to counselling.  My role is not to offer advice, rather, as a counsellor, my role is to try to help you find a way forward.  I may try to do this in a number of ways, such as highlighting certain things that you have said, or how you have said them, asking you questions to clarify what you mean, or to check my understanding of what you have said.  Please feel free to ask me questions, for example, if you do not understand anything that I have said.

Contacting me

If you would like to book an appointment, or contact me for further information, you can ring or text me on 07952 230199, or email

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