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HELP - emergency and non-emergency

Emergency help

If you need to speak to someone urgently because there is a risk of harm to yourself or to other people, please ring the Samaritans, or contact your GP urgently – do not suffer on your own – please get help – please see below:

Samaritans - urgent support

If you require urgent support, the Samaritans provides a 24 hour – day and night, every day of the year, telephone, email and face to face support service:

Your GP

You may also find it helpful to visit your GP to see what help or advice they can offer. They may also have details of other local agencies that they can suggest you contact for support.

Non emergency help

If you have experienced the death (bereavement) of a loved one – whether a human or animal, you may find that you are able to come to terms with the death on your own.  You may also be supported by family and friends.  In either case, and for whatever reason, sometimes any one of us may feel the need for other means of support. 

There are many independent counsellors offering bereavement support, and there are also many agencies offering support for bereavement, as well as many other life issues.  The Samaritans maintains a comprehensive list of these agencies called ‘Other sources of help‘, which can be a useful starting point when in need of support.  I have listed the contact details for the Samaritans, as well as Cruse (support specifically for the bereavement of a human being), and Blue Cross (support specifically for the bereavement of an animal), below.


There are many agencies who offer counselling support, for example:

For support after the death of a pet, the Blue Cross offers free telephone and email support.

For support after the death of a person, Cruse Bereavement Care offers free face to face support sessions.

Pet bereavement support

If you feel that you need to let your grief take its course, and also want to have a look around the internet for information about pet bereavement, do have a look at the website that I have created to try to support those of us grieving the death of our animal companions:

Pet bereavement support

I have tried to express my own thoughts about pet bereavement, from my own experience of grieving my animal companions – both young and old.  I have also added my thoughts about time and moving forward each day, and have also put together lists of agencies, websites, and books which also offer pet bereavement support.  My wish is that it is able to give you some support.

Pet bereavement counselling

In a counselling session, with myself, or any other qualified and experienced counsellor, specifically focused on a bereavement, you can do any number of things in a session.  It is a good idea to check with your chosen counsellor how they work, and how the sessions might be run with them.

With me, if you wish to talk, then you can talk. If you wish to sit in silence – for some or all of the time, we can do that.  If you wish to use some of the things listed on my ‘Just talking‘ page, such as mood cards, symbols, pen and paper – then we can do that. It’s up to you.

It is also worth noting that whilst the reason for holding the session with me may be to focus on bereavement, life issues can be very inter-related, and it is quite feasible in a counselling session that other issues may be brought to the foreground, such as a relationship break-up, or house move, as this can all feed into how you may be feeling about a bereavement.

Contacting me

If you would like to book an appointment, or contact me for further information, you can text me on 07952 230199, or email

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