Farringdon, nr Exeter, Devon, EX5 2HY


In an ideal world, I’d rather not charge at all for offering counselling support, but my fee is for my time, my training, and hopefully the help and support I am able to give.

For face to face, 1: 1 counselling, my fee is: £45 per hour, or £60 for an hour and a half.  Please can I ask that you pay at the start of a session (rather than at the end), as it gets it out of the way, and we don’t need to sort it out afterwards, when you may be focusing on what we have addressed during the session. 

For telephone counselling, my fee is £15 per half hour.  Please contact me to discuss beforehand, as I would like to have a chat beforehand, so that we can arrange a date and time for the session.  Please can I ask that you pay beforehand, paypal is possibly the easiest way, given we are not meeting face to face).

I am also brushing up my skills to be able to offer online counselling support, and also investigating setting up a pet bereavement support group, but I’m not quite ready to offer either of those just yet (Nov 2018).

You can pay me in the following ways:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • paypal (preferred for telephone counselling)

Face to face, 1:1 counselling : I practice at two locations:

Farringdon, EX5 2HY near Crealy, Westpoint and Exeter Airport Facilities available onsite:

  • Ground floor counselling room
  • Ground floor toilet facilities
  • Parking outside the counselling room door and a few feet away from the door leading to a downstairs toilet – please contact me for further details regarding disabled access

Please see ‘locations’ tab on my website for details of exact location: Angela Fletcher Pet Bereavement Counselling – directions

Counselling room:  I provide my counselling sessions in a purpose built, private, garden office.   There is plenty of free parking, either directly outside of the counselling room, or if you prefer, you can park in the village hall car park, which is directly opposite the house, across the lane.  There is a toilet in the main house that clients can use.

My appointment hours at Farringdon for face to face, 1:1 counselling sessions are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 

10 – 11am

11.30 – 12.30pm

1 – 2pm

If you arrive early, please can you wait in the driveway as I do not have a waiting room, thank you !

Exeter Mind and Body Clinic,
Choristers House,
Chapel Street, Exeter,
Devon, EX1 1AJ

Facilities available onsite:

    • First floor counselling room accessible via stairs (no lift)
    • Toilet facilities onsite
    • Parking – at any of the municipal car parks in Exeter

(there is no parking specifically for the clinic)

Please see clinic website for details of exact location:
Exeter Mind and Body Clinic – directions

My appointment hours at the Exeter Mind and Body Clinic for face to face, 1:1 counselling sessions are dependent on when a room is free at the clinic, so please contact me so that I can check availability.  However, generally, this will be:

Monday to Friday, between 10am-2pm.

Please note

Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP): please note that I currently have 2 cats.  I ‘lost’ 2 other pet cats to FIP in May 2016 and May 2017.  FIP is a feline disease for which there is currently no cure and is largely fatal, although there are reports of some cats worldwide either recovering from, or living with it. 

The exact nature of why FIP develops in one cat but not another is not completely known – so my existing cats may or may not develop the disease – the fact that it is called ‘infectious’ is apparently due to the disease being less understood when it was named, as it was thought that it was infectious in the same sense as, say flu is, with humans.  However, it is not thought that that is the case now.

Whilst none of the veterinary practices that I have visited have felt the need to take any special precautions in terms of extra cleaning after I have visited them with cats with FIP, I would urge anyone wishing to come to see me for counselling to do their own research on the internet or with their vet about FIP to ensure that they are happy to visit my house, knowing that I have had two cats with FIP, and that my remaining 2 cats could be carriers for, or develop the disease themselves. 

However, as a precaution, if you are happy with that and/or you do not have cats yourself, and do wish to meet with me, and enter the main house to use the toilet, I will ask you to use thin plastic, elasticated overshoes which I will supply.

Frequency of appointments

I tend to find that clients want just one or two sessions – someone to talk to, and someone to understand and accept the depth of their grief.  If you would like more sessions then that is fine, I do not specify a minimum or a maximum number.

Ad-hoc sessions

I also appreciate that sometimes you may need to talk with someone suddenly, for example, perhaps you have come across a personal effect or photograph of your pet, someone has said something to you, or something else has intensified your feelings of loss – basically – made you feel worse, possibly a lot worse.  

Consequently, subject to my availability, I am also willing to see, or talk with people over the phone on an ad-hoc basis – this would be in the evening or at the weekend.  The best thing is to contact me to see what we can sort out.

Cancellation policy

I would ask if you can give me 48 hours notice of your intention to cancel a session please – my policy is to ask for half of the payment for the missed session if cancelled less than 48 hours beforehand. 

However, whilst I have no way of enforcing this, I  would ask if you would honour this please, as it gives me the chance to offer your time slot to someone else, and pays for my time that I booked out for the session.

 Questions ?

If you have any questions …

Please call, text or email me, or contact me directly using the contact form.

Tel: 07952 230199

Email: counselling@angelafletcher.co.uk


Angela Fletcher
Bereavement Counselling