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Bereavement Counselling and Help

Bereavement Counselling
and Support

Prices and times

Face to face, telephone, email, instant messaging or webcam counselling

Prices and times

Bereavement counselling and bereavement support

For all sessions, please contact me to discuss beforehand – I am qualified to offer counselling and support in all of the methods below.

Please note that I try to keep my prices low in order to make my service as accessible as I can.

Face to face, 1: 1 – £35 per hour

Instant messaging, webcam or telephone – £20 per half hour or £35 per hour   

Email – £20 per half hour or £35 per hour

Please can I ask for payment for all sessions to be made either at the start of the session (if face to face) or beforehand if online please – it gets it out of the way, so that we don’t need to sort it out afterwards, when you may be focusing on what we have addressed during the session.

You can pay me in the following ways (please contact me for details before sending me any payments, many thanks):

  • cash
  • cheque
  • (preferred for telephone, email, instant messaging or webcam counselling).

Face to face, 1:1 counselling

I practice at two locations:

Farringdon, EX5 2HY near Crealy, Westpoint and Exeter Airport Facilities available onsite:

  • Ground floor counselling room
  • Ground floor toilet facilities
  • Parking outside the counselling room door and a few feet away from the door leading to a downstairs toilet – please contact me for further details regarding disabled access

Counselling room:  I provide my counselling sessions in a purpose built, private, garden office.   There is plenty of free parking, either directly outside of the counselling room, or if you prefer, you can park in the village hall car park, which is directly opposite the house, across the lane.  There is a toilet in the main house that clients can use.

My appointment hours at Farringdon for face to face, 1:1 counselling sessions are as follows:

Monday to Friday: 

10 – 11am

11.30 – 12.30pm

1 – 2pm

If you arrive early, please can you wait in the driveway as I do not have a waiting room, thank you !

Exeter Mind and Body Clinic,
Choristers House,
Chapel Street, Exeter,
Devon, EX1 1AJ

Facilities available onsite:

    • First floor counselling room accessible via stairs (no lift)
    • Toilet facilities onsite
    • Parking – at any of the municipal car parks in Exeter

(there is no parking specifically for the clinic)

Please see clinic website for details of exact location:
Exeter Mind and Body Clinic – directions

My appointment hours at the Exeter Mind and Body Clinic for face to face, 1:1 counselling sessions are dependent on when a room is free at the clinic, so please contact me so that I can check availability.  However, generally, this will be:

Monday to Friday, between 10am-2pm.

Frequency and amount of sessions

I tend to offer bereavement counselling for bereavement from the death of a person, and bereavement support (which is more of a chat) for the death of an animal, unless you would prefer to have counselling instead.

With bereavement from the death of a human being, I find that people often want a series of sessions – one session per week, or every two weeks.  However, I do not specify any number of sessions, and if you only want one session, then that is fine with me.

With bereavement from the death of an animal being, I tend to find that people want one or perhaps two sessions – someone to talk to, and someone to understand and accept the depth of their grief.  If you would like more sessions then that is fine, I do not specify a minimum or a maximum number.

 Any questions

If you have any questions …

Please call, text or email me, as follows:

Tel: 07952 230199


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Bereavement counselling and support